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CleverCube ensures that the children acquire and exercise all the skills playfully and with joy that are indispensible for school.
Kindergarten teachers
CleverCube creates an excellent opportunity for practicing kindergarten teachers to professionally learn more about the children`s skills and capabilities, improve them and monitor the progress.
CleverCube creates an excellent opportunity for teachers to professionally learn more about the children`s skills and capabilities, improve them and monitor the progress.
Special needs teachers
CleverCube helps the teachers of special educational needs and developmental teachers to be able to improve children`s skills and capabilities and monitor the progress.
What is the CleverCube Educational Cube Game Set?
· It is a tool system and method, which is cultivated by a psychologist, speech therapist and developmental teachers.

· The complex tool system consists of seven tools at the moment. The CleverCube helps to develop several cognitive functions. The seven functions are the visual perception, acoustical perception, mathematical skills, body schema, spatial perception, story cubes, and languages.

· The several tools develop the given cognitive function in accord with the maturity process of the nervous system. The development was made on the grounds of the latest research results.


Several kindergartens and primary schools have started the pilot of CleverCube Educational Program. In order to make the pilot more efficient and successful, we provided a training for more than 30 teachers in Istanbul at the end of November. We are excited to see the results.

We are proud to announce that CleverCube won the "Quality and Innovation of the Year 2015" national award in micro enterprise category. With this certificate, we are qualified to participate in the international competition.

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    Dr. Deliné Dr. Fráter Katalin
    Professor, Specialist
    The CleverCube is a revolutionary new product on the market of developmental games. It is not only focusing on a part of a skill with 1-2 games, CleverCube has a concept. It encompasses entire areas of skills systematically in accord with the maturation of the nervous system. This allows us through the many game options to get to know the development of the child, his/her talent and the possibility of learning disorders.

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    Cseke Miklós
    CEO of Fair Play Ltd
    Good to see that finally, there is a Hungarian developing tool beside the tons of foreign games. Due to the content and the high standard of CleverCube, it could cope with the market of the European Union.

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    György Pálné
    Distributor of Toys and Games
    It feels good to see that practicing teachers take the CleverCube elements in their hands, and start to play cheerfully. Their dedication to be a teacher shows that they also want to discover all the game options, just like the children. Of course, due to the lack of time it`s not always possible, but through purchasing CleverCube they can fulfill their desires.

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    Nagy László
    As a parent, finally I found a developing tool, which is not only challenging, as long as the child gets to know the tool and gain the necessary skills. The CleverCube offers countless opportunities. What is important for me: it is the only developing tool that informs me about the importance of developing the skill areas. Furthermore, the manual helps me to measure my child`s performance.


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