Body Schema

Content of the Body Schema tool:

The concept of body schema has a double meaning. On the one hand it is used as a generic term to express the concepts of body awareness, body image and body schema in the narrower sense. In our present work, we use the concept in this sense. On the other hand, body schema in the narrow sense modulates body boundaries and control over our movements. Accordingly, Magda Marton calls this visual-postural body schema, a concept appropriate even more so because this way, we can further distinguish the more specific sense of body schema.

The present cube sets provide an abundance of playful games and exercises for each stage in the development of the body schema. This makes it possible not only to reach a certain stage, but also to strengthen it. Therefore the cube set fulfills the principles of developmental education: gradualness, playfulness, practice and giving time for maturation.

The games described in this manual provide an opportunity for the complex developmental education of body schema by developing the following sub-skills: