Story Cubes

Content of Story Cubes tool:

Learning at school is mainly based on studying different texts of the subjects. The success depends on how fast and logically the children are able to understand these texts. Due to the story cubes, the children can learn several schemas by the end of the kindergarten, which help them recalling the heard and seen stories in many ways. CleverCube provides a unique opportunity to develop further the reading comprehension and word processing through improving causal and chronological relations, conceptual and logical thinking, comparison and categorization of operations together with high level of communication.

The 16 tales of the Story Cubes guides the children to the world of fantasy. They can listen the stories from a CD or read them from the colorful Storybook. Then the event pictures of the cubes, the images of objects and persons, and other images that require thinking inspire the children to recall the stories in different ways. For all this, our manual gives an explanatory help to the teachers/parents.