To parents

CleverCube Educational Program ensures that the children acquire and exercise all the skills playfully and with joy that are indispensible for school. The development was made on the grounds of the latest research results of psychology and pedagogy.

The Educational Program is a modern and novel in many respects. First of all, it`s a developmental tool that the kids can play with. Because of its aesthetics and manipulative manner, the children gladly spend time with CleverCube, while they discover more and more games by themselves. It improves their creativity and the skills that the certain tools are focusing on.

During the process of the CleverCube`s creation, we took into account that many tasks and games are required on different levels of difficulty to exercise and improve a skill. The experience of success and ingenuity ensure adequate practice along with the maturation and development. Furthermore, the guide provides insights to the parents why each skill is important to learn at school or to succeed in life. All CleverCube tools provide numerous games to exercise with and improve the certain skill areas, besides the joyful entertainment and fun. It`s not a secret that the creators of CleverCube also aimed to provide an intimate atmosphere and pleasant experience for the times that parents and children spend together.

The CleverCube Team wish you a lot of fun!