To special needs teachers

CleverCube Educational Program helps the teachers of special educational needs and developmental teachers to be able to improve children`s skills and capabilities and monitor the progress. Due to CleverCube, the children are able to acquire and practice skills that are absolutely necessary for learning at school, for reaching literacy, numeracy, text comprehension and processing with pleasure and while having fun. Accordingly, we endeavored to develop an educational cube game set for each area of skills.

The CleverCube tools include the principles to measure risk for possible learning disabilities (eg: Sindelar, MSSST, DPT, Frostig, GMP, DIFER etc.); and target the measurement and development of the skill areas that are considered to be important for the above-mentioned procedures. Furthermore, the development was made on the grounds of the latest psychological and neurological development researching results. The tools develop the given cognitive function in accord with the maturity process of the nervous system.

During the application it can turn out which strategy the child is using, which ways and manners he is able to perform the tasks; and it may refer to the specific features of the nervous system. As needed, the CleverCube can be used to build compensatory function, when certain functions underperform because of neurological causes. Thus, CleverCube is not only a correcting tool, but also a mean of helping the compensation.

With professional background CleverCube can be used as a diagnostic and developer tool. Professionals can properly form a complete picture of the analysed child`s skills development and the characteristics of the development with the help of the CleverCube tools.