To teachers

CleverCube Educational Program creates an excellent opportunity for teachers to professionally learn more about the children`s skills and capabilities, improve them and monitor the progress.The development was made on the grounds of the latest psychological and neurological development researching results. The tools develop the given cognitive function in accord with the maturity process of the nervous system.

During the application it can turn out which strategy the child is using, which ways and manners he is able to perform the tasks; and it may refer to the specific features of the nervous system. For example, if the letter confusions often happen while the child is learning to read, or the pronouncement is slow and uncertain; we can assume, based on the relevant tasks of the CleverCube tools, on how the neural mechanisms underlying the function work. The teacher will be able to analyse the children individually why they have difficulties to acquire certain skills. According to the teacher will be able to modify her teaching methods and strategy in cases of certain children. If necessary, the skill area can also be improved by the tools. Thus, we can use CleverCube not only as a developmental tool but also as a correcting tool.

The developers of CleverCube kept the principle in mind that each skill has its own sensitive period when the child should get the necessary experience, and when the child requires games those focus on the given skills. One of the most important roles of the elementary schools, beside the learning processes, is to provide enough games for the maturity process and to improve different skills. Since the schools often don`t have sufficient time for the maturation of certain functions, that`s why it is necessary to help and facilitate the maturation of the basic functions with adequate games. The CleverCube Educational Program meets these requirements.

The developers of CleverCube Educational Program offer different tools for each skill; and the children can play independently with them. The game provides opportunities for self-monitoring. So the teachers don`t have to participate personally in each game in order to improve and develop the children`s skills and capabilities. However, she can easily track which child plays with which tool gladly and efficiently; and this (mainly via the guide) gives an overview in depth about the development of the children and their maturity process. The application of the developmental papers to each game set can help even further.