Pedagogical application of CleverCube Educational Program

(To kindergarten teachers, teachers, special needs teachers and developmental teachers)
Introduction to the accredited 30-hour long teacher training:
Certification: OM - 957/115/2013

The course aims to provide methodological help to teachers, so they can learn more about the skills of 3 to 9 years old children and how to develop them efficiently. The program is a unified concept, which is based on systemizing the capabilities, understanding the neurological functions that underlie the skills, and applying it to a complex developmental toolbar. Therefore, this program offers an opportunity to measure and develop the certain skills that may cause learning disorders.

Thematic units:

The specialty of the training to make the participants gain competence in the professional application of the development toolkit, thereby getting to know the skills and prepare a development program.

By the end of training it`s required to prepare a study, which includes a game-embedded program for a skill area in accord with the specific criteria. Each participant can select the examined child and the skill they want to test. The mensuration of the skills are made with the CleverCube tools that are provided by the organizers. In order to diagnose the level of the skills the participants get a guide and measurement sheets. In the end of the course, the organizers evaluate the studies in a written form, and retain them.The condition for granting the certificate is to participate at least 80% of the 30 training hours and receive a pass/ excellent certification on the study.

We are looking forward to get the applications from kindergarten teachers, teachers, special needs teachers and social workers. To prepare the study, the organizers provide the tools.To start the training is possible everywhere with a sufficient number of applicants.